About Us

Our goal is to add significant value to Client's existing investment in Information Technology.

Saintech is an IT Consulting Services company with commitment to provide quality services to its clients.

We specialize in implementation of SAP Enterprise Information Management Solutions.

Data Integration / Data Migration

Using SAP Data Services (aka BODS), LTMC, LSMW and ABAP

Data Quality

Using SAP Information Steward

MDM and Master Data Governance


  • Help business users access relevant information regardless of data type, data domain, or data source to gain a complete view across the enterprise.
  • Access and integrate structured or unstructured data from any data source
  • Move and synchronize data in real-time to ensure high availability and zero downtime
  • Migrate information from external or legacy systems into new SAP applications
  • Ensure trust in data to facilitate informed decision making and streamline business processes.
  • Model your information architecture to visualize your business needs
  • Ensure correct and consistent data, while preventing data quality issues
  • Understand and analyze the quality of your data
  • Govern, cleanse, and synchronize master data to support operational, analytical, and compliance initiatives.
  • Integrate governance within business processes from the creation of master dataDeliver a single version of master data for supplier, product, customer, or user-defined objects
  • Address both enterprise-wide an d application-centric master data management scenarios
  • Better manage information as a record associated with a business process from its creation to final disposition.
  • Manage data retention from decommissioned systems
  • Archive data documents on secure, low cost servers
  • Preserve full auditing capabilities and high availability
  • With your Data Migration project in the skilled hands of our SAP EIM team, you are assured that your data is ready for your business without interruption.